• Ride Around Oz 2016 - Cycled 14,284kms around Aust in 78 days raising A$30,000 for Youth Off The Streets

  • Ultraman Australia 2016 - 10km swim, 421km bike, 84km run over 3 days

  • 4 x Ironman Finisher (inc a solo iron distance event)

  • Ironman 70.3 World Championship Finisher

  • Multiple Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • Hills Triathlon Club Spirit Award Winner 2015

  • Sydney Hills Community Award Sportsman Of The Year 2015


  • Triathlon Australia Accredited Development Coach

  • TrainingPeaks Level 2 Certified Coach

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Who Am I?

I am an Endurance Sports Coach with Koa Sports

My sporting life started at an early age, playing soccer and working my way through the national ranks to play representative football in the National Youth League in Australia. This is where many of my coaching attributes developed from through years of being assisted by good, bad and ugly coaches. One thing that set the great coaches apart from the rest was that they actually cared. They wanted to know the player, not just coach them to achieve a result for the team. I found that skill actually had very little to do with the success in my football career. The football stands are often filled with those who had the talent and didn't work hard enough while the 'workers,' the ones who 'loved' the game eventually rose to the top. There is simply no substitute for hard work.

This early learning still shines through brightly today and my belief is that endurance sport has even less to do with the talent of the athlete and even more to do with how driven the individual is to complete the goal they have set. It all comes down to desire. Sure, some equipment may be required, some skills acquired and certainly a mentor and/or coach to help along the way, but the main ingredient to the success is the desire of the athlete. I constantly asks my athletes 'why?' to ascertain whether or not the athlete is ready, whether they have what it takes. I believe that the true goal seekers are found in the middle of winter when it's dark at 4am, freezing cold and raining, the alarm goes off and the athlete who succeeds actually gets up while the athlete who rolls over and stays in bed just doesn't quiet get there. It's all about desire.

I've been through many ups and downs of course but I always had a dream of one doing an Ironman triathlon. In 2014 this dream finally came true after solely focussing on it for 14 months. Sure there were some hard patches but it was quiet simple once I got going. Follow the process and the results will follow. 

I would have never thought that in the following 2-3 years, I would have achieved many of the things I have. Multiple Ironman finisher, Ultraman finisher, Ironman 70.3 World Championship finisher and riding my bike 14,284kms around Australia for charity are a few of the highlights I have had over more recent times. 

It's funny to look back on where we once were and laugh. If someone had said to me in January 2013 that I'd be an endurance sports coach with Koa Sports, complete a cycle around Australia and be living in my dream location on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, I would have quiet simply told you you're mad. Anything is possible. I am a true testament to that. You too are capable of anything. I know you are. ARE YOU READY?


Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm possible'.

- Audrey Hepburn