Just Put Your Shoes On

We’ve all heard this before right? Your mind is more powerful then the body. 'Yeah yeah yeah whatever', you may have thought, or 'that’s what fit people say' or 'whatever I’ll just train harder than the rest of them and I’ll win'. Well that’s all great but when I look at the top athletes in the world in all sports, I see not the most talented or best athletes technically or the best skilled. I see athletes who overcome challenges, return from setbacks and have the mindset that they believe they’re the best before they are. This is often misunderstood as arrogance. Roger Federer was a great example of this; in his early career he was seen as a brat, an overpaid superstar who will never make it. Sure, there was some level of immaturity at play here but he believed he was the best a long long time before he was. Other names that pop up for me are Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, Jan Frodeno, Daniella Ryf and Chrissie Wellington. If you haven’t heard of the last three hit that google button as they all display the same traits as the leaders in any sport.

We all have shit days, days when we are sick or days when we simply couldn’t be bothered. These are the days where a positive mindset wins. These are the days when the best go out anyway. These are the days where the best leave the second best behind on race day. You need reminders in these times if WHY you want it, WHY it’s important to you and what it will do for you, not for your kids, your partner, your boss, what will it bring YOU!

Dial into the things that you enjoy about that training session. For me I often look to the coffee at the end of it. I always think of how much better I’ll mentally feel when it’s completed, even half way through it. I often come back to the most simple things and let’s use a morning run as an example. It’s freezing cold, you woke up late, you have 73 meetings back to back and your kids are sick and you’re simply waiting to be struck down with the same loogie quicker than a Brazilian footballer running into the penalty box. GET YOUR SHOES ON. That’s the only goal here. Just get those shoes on. Get positive. All I need to do is get up and put my shoes on. Everything else will take care of itself from there on.

I think back to the ride I did in 2016 around Australia. There were so many reasons each and every day not to get moving. My backs farked, it’s raining, it’s cold, fucken wind again (oh that was so hard the wind), I had a great day yesterday (reliving past glories never helps) but all I needed to do was get up and put my bloody shoes on. Believe me when I say I understand how hard this can be but I also know once it’s done you’re away, unstoppable again and ready to take on the world. Those shoes became the single thing that could get me going on the hardest of days when nothing felt like riding, including my ass, my crew and my legs, nothing else. Just the shoes.

If it’s not the shoes find something to get that mindset right. What ever it is rely on it. Have it handy each day.

You’ll note that I’m not talking about race day here. Fuck me, if you can’t be in a positive head space come race day there’s only two reasons; One, you’re in the wrong sport all together, you’re doing this for reasons other than yourself and/or secondly you haven’t done the work, you feel embarrassed to be there, underdone and lacking the self belief that you can do it.

So there it is, a simple yet practiced and effective way to simply get shit done. Whatever you need to make it happen have it there, whoever you need to remind you that it’s there, make it happen and I guarantee you’ll arrive at that start line knowing that you’re ready for game day, ready for an adventure and ready to do epic shit.

Just out your shoes on.