No Goal, No Result!

Without a goal I believe there’s a complete lack of direction. Imagine driving your car without a goal. Yeah I thought so. Driving around your suburb for hours with the neighbours calling the police about the mad person doing hot laps around the suburb. Or let’s face it you may even end up in a ditch or the neighbours lounge room. 

Having a goal to pursue is the biggest key to being able to achieve consistent training. You’d think I would’ve learnt this lesson the first time around in my own life, but I didn’t. It took me three or maybe even four attempts to realise that without a goal I’m nowhere. Good things take time though right? 

These are some of the examples of questions that I often have the wrong answer for when asked to do something without a clear goal in the works. 
 ⁃ Want to go for a beer? 
 ⁃ Do you want takeaway tonight? 
 ⁃ Sleep in tomorrow?

We’ve all been on the wrong end of these questions. Let’s face it, we all do things that make us feel good, feel easy or even feel relaxed. Sure, that’s the easy life but in my opinion, in the long run that’s the shit way to live. It usually ends like this (not always but often it does) and we’ve all seen spent doing nothing, retirement, disease and eventually leaving your loved ones with a bucket of cash to go and maybe (hopefully) pursue their own dreams. If this would make you happy then keep smashing towards it but I think deep down we all feel a little different. I think that’s an absolute waste of life.

We often hear stories of people who’s only wish when dying is that they spent more time doing what they loved and not just existing to make money. Don’t get me wrong I understand that the world doesn’t go around with love, hugs and pixie dust but we can’t take the money with us either. 

I have a challenge for everyone reading - Make your goal public. Be accountable. Let the world know your intention. Believe me you’ll encourage others, get them to follow suit and at the very least help them reflect on where they are right now in their own life. The best part about it is that when the previous questions pop up from time to time you’ll at the very least think about why you don’t want to make the 'easy', 'feel good' decision. 

Yeah yeah I know, I’m being quiet direct here, but one of my goals is to inspire others to achieve things they never thought possible and getting outside their comfort zone. I’d be serving no purpose at all to sit and just think about that goal. I have to take action towards it. The fact that you’ve got to this point probably shows me that you have what it takes. Being public with how you feel can certainly make it uncomfortable for some friends and loved ones around you. I’ve learnt that many times over the past 5 years. Friends and even family have disappeared from my life and after much thought I’ve simply decided that their versions of their best self is on a different path to mine. That’s fine, there’s never any animosity and I sincerely wish them all the best. Harsh but true and life is far too short to be hanging around those that only drag you back from being your best. 

My firm belief is that in life you are the sum of the 7 people you spend the most time with. Have a think about that for a minute. Another challenge, actually write these peoples names down. Who are the 7 people you spend the most time with, do they influence you positively or negatively? I can guarantee that you’ll look at some of these names and question why you're letting their thoughts and beliefs influence your life. Be careful here, I’m not saying to 'assassinate' people from your life with a harsh discussion, but simply get on with it and be clear not to allow the influence of these people effect your life and goals. The family BBQ is always a great time start taking action towards not allowing them to influence what you are trying to do. Simply smile and move on after they have voiced their opinion. It’s a small and easy approach that has saved me many times over the past few years. Never argue with an idiot I say. Just simply let their opinions and beliefs go in one ear and out the other. 

The number one person in your life is YOU! Not your partner, not your kids, not your parents, YOU! If you are not in a space where you are tackling your goals, taking action and growing personally, you are simply no help to others anyway. Focus on you first, it’s like the emergency drill on an aircraft, put your own life vest on before assisting anyone else. You’ll never have the best impact on others lives around you, who you love, if you aren’t in the right place yourself. 

I’d love to know your goals! What are you tackling right now? What inspires you? What motivates you? For some of us it maybe something we haven’t thought about for a while but take ten minutes to yourself and work out what YOU want out of this precious gift of life we’ve all been given.