Greg McDermott is an endurance sports coach with Koa Sports. Greg thrives on helping others achieve what they once thought impossible, out of reach or simply 'crazy'. He has coached numerous athletes to achieve things they never thought possible. His coaching beliefs and techniques come from years of learning through competing in, coaching and studying endurance athletic pursuits. If your goal is huge, if your family and friends question your sanity when you talk of it and if it keeps you awake at night then you've come to the right place. Greg utilises and partners with TrainingPeaks to provide the most up to date, modern and accurate training plans and sessions. As a coached athlete you will direct access through to your very own TrainingPeaks account. 


"Greg has been an awesome coach! Very knowledgeable and supportive helping me prep for my first Ironman! He also leads through inspiration with the events he has completed! "

Brandon Gerial - Ironman Cains Finisher 2018


Greg uses the internationally renowned TrainingPeaks platform to program each of his athletes training plans. An individualised program based on individual performance data allowing you to work towards your goals. The days of receiving a spreadsheet with generic session descriptions, by email once a fortnight, are over. TrainingPeaks offers a state of the art desktop and mobile app to interact with your coach on a live basis to track your progress daily towards your goal and includes commenting features so sessions can be adjusted based on how an athlete feels or performs. There's no hiding behind a spreadsheet anymore.


A LIFE of experience

Greg's own experiences (both good and bad) have led him to where he is today. His coaching draws on years of experience in both the professional and sporting worlds to assist with your goal. Through many failures he has learnt the best way to approach long term success in both endurance sport and life as a whole. His belief is that life isn't about a balance of both work and pleasure, but rather that your life should incorporate what makes you 'you' and be a continual motion forward towards a common goal. You're either moving forwards or backwards. You decide which way you want to go.



Thankfully, no longer do we live in the age of the telephone. We are connected through many mediums that can assist you achieving your goals including interacting with the right coach for you. Remember, the relationship with your coach is one of the most important pieces in the puzzle determining either success or failure. Greg utilises all types of communication technology to ensure that no matter where you are in the world communication is always on time, seamless, easy to use and effective at maintaining the coach/athlete relationship.